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914 Waters Condominium Association


Date:          January 29, 2007
To:              All Residents at 914 Waters
From:         Ron Erickson, Property Manager

Trash in Recycle Bins – a Big No-No


Recently, the Rocky Mountain Disposal driver found trash in the co-mingled recycle bin –
the one for plastic and glass bottles and aluminum cans. 

Since the trash collection company cannot take any recycle bins with trash in them,
first it notifies our office and then it makes an extra trash pickup.  We were told that
Rocky Mountain Disposal will not charge a fee this time, but in the future, if there is
trash in any of the recycle bins,

the 914 Waters Association will be charged a fee for the extra trash pickup.

Any fee for extra trash collection that is charged to the 914 Waters Association will then
be billed to the resident who puts trash in the recycle bins.

Included in this notice, you will find a list of what can and cannot be put in recycle bins. 
If you have questions about recycling, please call 920-5039, the City’s Environmental
Health Department. 

Thank you for your cooperation.

Aspen Places, LLC  (925-4772)






This property is managed by  Aspen Places, LLC

For information please call us at (970)  925  4772      or     email us

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